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Accelerate the landing of European localization brand strategy, the German subsidiary of Stealth was formally established!

The German subsidiary of Stealth New Energy (Stealth Energy Technology GmbH) was officially established in Munich, Germany. This is another strategic move after the launch of Stealth products in the German market. The foreign investment of Stealth aims to make it a window for the company to carry out European business, to help the company to expand the European market, and to meet the needs of the company's operation and development. The establishment of the German subsidiary marks the further opening of the international and localized brand strategy.

Expand the overseas strategic layout, the British subsidiary was formally established!

Stealth UK (SUZHOU STEALTH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY UK LTD) was officially established in Newcastle, UK. It has established local subsidiaries in Germany and the UK in a short time, which also reflects the determination of Stealth to position an international brand to explore the European market: to better serve local customers, service localization, and to provide customers with efficient, convenient and secure services and support.

Stealth brings full range of products to the 2023 Key Energy Italy exhibition

Local time on March 22-24,2023, three days of Ital international renewable energy exhibition Key Energy in Italy expo center, Italy international renewable energy exhibition organized by the Italian exhibition group (ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP S.P.A), every year, is Italy and the Mediterranean region in the forefront of renewable energy exhibition. The show provides energy solutions for the industry and homes. The exhibition has a long history and a wide influence. The exhibition area reaches 113,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,250 exhibitors and more than 116,000 exhibitors. Exhibitors will here present their technologies, services and integrated solutions to promote and accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Stealth in Germany! Blockbuster signing! Munich Intersolar Europe 2023!

Intersolar Europe is the largest and most influential solar and new energy exhibition fair in the world, gathering all well-known enterprises in the international industry. Intersolar Europe has become a gathering platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, project developers, investors and installation enterprises in the international solar field. In 2023, on June 14, the exhibition was officially held in Munich. As it is the first exhibition after the opening of the epidemic, the number of global exhibitors this year has exceeded that of previous years, reaching a historical peak.