Stealth Energy

Technology field

High efficiency

Stealth products are all design with high efficiency in mind.  Our advanced high-voltage parallel technology, which effectively integrates BMS, EMS and PCS, with higher energy and power density means a lighter weight, and a smaller size for our units. This allows the Stealth AIO, a combined inverter and battery system in a single sleek housing, to be fitted by just one person in around half an hour. 

What’s more, users can use the StealthESS app to conveniently monitor their household usage and manage the use of grid and PV power intelligently.  The ability to monitor and configure the entire system means users can stay in full control of their electricity usage. further reducing their electricity expenditure.

Ultra-high power density ratio

Stealth products adopt an advanced high-voltage inverter and battery series technology, with higher energy and power density, lighter weight, and a smaller size , The weight of the whole machine is 95 kg, and the volume is 0.183 m ³, The floor area is only the size of two A4 sheets of paper, integrating 8.29kWh of power, which effectively integrates BMS,EMS and PCS.

Ultra safe, durable LiFePo battery technology

The system adopts a fanless and maintenance free design and optimizes heat dissipation through an oversized aluminium radiator for natural cooling. In built thermal management and protection controls ensure a long and stable working life.The battery module adopts a micro-suspension design, which can absorb high-frequency vibration so that the internal battery has a stronger anti-vibration capability increasing safety and service life. The interior layout is compact and divided into an inverter compartment and energy storage compartment. High thermal resistance materials are used to isolate heat, further ensuring the safe and reliable function of the equipment.

10 years standard warranty with entension options to 15 years

Stealth are not only design to look good in your home they are designed to last and that’s why they come with an industry leading 10 year warranty as standard and extendable to 15 years.  

Minimalist Design

Stealth products are designed to match modern aesthetics without looking out of place in more traditional environments. The minimalist design and clean white colour are at home in either an inside or outside location giving users and installers more variety of mounting options.

Superior interface experience

Through StealthESS APP, users can remotely monitor the real-time and historical data (daily, weekly, annual, total power generation) of power generation, power consumption, energy storage battery, etc; Check the situation and income of the power station at any time and place to witness the return of every investment. Since StealthESS APP has built-in meteorological data and included national and local subsidy data information, residents who has the intention of building solar power stations can estimate the income potential of their roof through the APP. Users can see the return on investment and the number of years after the construction of the power station using the APP, so that find the appropriate site and solution.